The Impact of Facebook Suggested Posts on User Experience

The Impact of Facebook Suggested Posts on User Experience

The Rise of Facebook

Facebook, founded in 2004, has over 2.8 billion active monthly users, making it the largest social media platform globally. The number of users has risen over the years, with an increase of 12% in active users annually. The application has served as a connection tool, becoming an unparalleled marketing tool for businesses and individuals alike. Facebook continually pioneers changes to the application to improve user experience and maintain its position as the world’s leading social media platform. The most recent such change was the development of suggested posts on users’ newsfeeds.

The Concept of Facebook Suggested Posts

Facebook suggested posts provide users with posts similar to those they have responded to, shared, or engaged with in the past. The concept behind suggested posts is to promote engagement and increase Facebook’s ability to retain users on the platform. Suggested posts are advertisements disguised as regular posts, encouraging users to click on links that bring them to a company webpage or an article that requires payment to access the full content. Facebook tracks user engagement with suggested posts, noting which content is most relevant to the individual user, allowing them to target posts on users’ feeds better.

Problems Associated with Facebook Suggested Posts

As with any new Facebook feature, there are some issues associated with suggested posts, the first being its impact on user experience. Suggested posts have caused users to become less interested in their newsfeed, resulting in less user engagement. This is because users are increasingly presented with posts they are less interested in and less relevant to their stated interests. Other issues with suggested posts include:

  • Overloading users’ newsfeed with suggested posts, offering minimal opportunity for organic interaction.
  • Facebook’s tendency to recommend posts from users with a higher advertisement budget, providing an uneven playing field for smaller businesses and paying users.
  • The propensity to identify and recommend posts only by content and hashtags, resulting in irrelevant suggestions.
  • The Future of Facebook Suggested Posts

    Facebook has acknowledged the problems associated with suggested posts and is working on solutions to improve the user experience and provide more personalized posts for users. These solutions include:

  • The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into suggested posts algorithms to create more personalized and relevant suggestions.
  • The development of soft boundaries to provide users with a greater ability to control the saturation of suggested posts on their newsfeed.
  • The implementation of revised suggestion strategies, including location-based, chatbot engagement, and video suggestions to improve the relevance of suggested posts to each user.
  • These solutions aim to maintain Facebook’s position as the world’s premier social media platform as well as to advance the benefits of suggested posts to users and businesses alike. Enhance your study by visiting the recommended external resource. There, you’ll find additional and valuable information to broaden your understanding of the subject. Facebook Suggested For You Posts, check it out!


    The implementation of Facebook suggested posts has been a topic of discussion among Facebook users and businesses alike. While the current system is not ideal, Facebook’s intention to improve the user experience and remain ahead of the competition is commendable. With the ongoing development of AI algorithms and the revision of suggestion strategies, Facebook suggested posts provide an avenue for users to discover new content that is more relevant and personalized to their interests, maintaining Facebook’s position as the world’s leading social media platform.

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